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Green Young Industrial Co., Ltd. 松護友工業有限公司

Outdoor leisure equipment, Medical& Health products

Today is 11,Dec,2019
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Folding Shower Chair HT2070
1.Lightweight and rust-free aluminum construction 2.Soft EVA foam seat , back rest and armrest3.Convenient and easy to assemble without any tools 4.Compact packaging and easy to carry5.The unique desi
Swing-Up Commode Transporter HT6129
1.Multiple function: can be used as commode , shower chair 2.lightweight, rust-free aluminum construction 3.Soft and comfortable PU padded seat, backrest and armrests4.Can be placed over-the toilet to
Lifting commode chair HTG8101
1.lighetweight, rust-free aluminum construction2.comfortable PU seat and back rest, EVA armrest3.detachable back rest 4.multi-function design: can be placed over-toilet ,or be used as commode and show
Fashion cane
Different size and different type you can choose including handleorcolor.
HS9B11S Foldable Shower Bench With Backrest
For more details, please direct inquiry to us, Thank YouGreen Young Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1984. Green Youngstarted manufacturing semi-products and OEM . Holding our managementphiloso
Deluxe Bathub Swivel Chair HB7060
1.high density and comfortable PU padded seat, backrest and armrest2.swing up armrest for easy access3. rust-free aluminum construction4.Adjustable width support fra-me to fit different sizes of tubs5
Aluminum Tripod Cane Seat HC1006 to fold and unfold form walking stick to restful seat in second2.plastic seat with deluxe design and shape ,handle bar for easy action3.max load : 80kgs4.color:blue,purple
1.Multiple function: can be used as commode , shower chair and for shampooing .2.lightweight, rust-free aluminum construction and easy to assemble without any tools3.soft and comfortable PU padded sea